Movie Synopsis

  • 72 Movie Poster A highly fatal and contagious virus that hits within 72 hours of exposure, begins to spread fast across the globe. The government has issued a mandatory 3-day stay-at-home quarantine in hopes of slowing the spread. For Rich, Jill, and some of their friends, that's not an option. They set off deep into the human-free woods where they hope to remain safe. Unbeknownst to the gang, one of their own is already infected and it quickly spreads through the group one by one. The group is faced with unexpected challenges as they struggle to fight for survival against the infection - and each other.

Main Cast

  • Kelsie Lynn as Emma Smith
  • Angel Bradford as Rachel Long
  • Michael Taylor as Rich Korek
  • Brandi Huber as Jill Korek
  • Tony Giannott as Tate Kirby
  • Jenn Hart as Ava Cooper
  • Scotty McCoy as James Kreiser
  • Scott Yagielniskie as Liam Smith

Supporting Cast

  • Chris Rhydings as Harlan Myers
  • DJ Patton as Ethan Jones
  • Sara Cartwright as Jess Jones
  • Amanda Sawayer as Tiffany Brandt
  • Carl Miller as Charles Baskin
  • Melissa Molyneux as Renee Kelly

Minor Cast

  • Jackson Everest as Sonny O'Toole
  • Colleen Kelly as Amy Martin
  • Tracy Bulino as Holly Brooks
  • Kerri Lubinsky as Sadie Adams
  • Daniel Lund as TBA
  • David Perry as TBA

Movie Crew

  • Director: Carl Miller
  • Assistant Director: Michael Taylor
  • Executive Producers: Scotty McCoy
  • Associate Producer: Skylar Turner, Maggie McCauley, and Zach Davis
  • Producer: Amanda Sawayer
  • Director of Photography: Carl Miller
  • Camera Operator: Michael Taylor
  • Boom Mic Operator: Krystle Kupusnick
  • Director of Special Effects: Angel Bradford
  • Special Effects Makeup: Tia Williams
  • Screenwriter: Carl Miller
  • Editors: Scotty McCoy and Carl Miller
  • Animator: Eric Griffin
  • Casting Director: Carl Miller
  • Casting Associates: Scotty McCoy and Amanda Sawayer
  • Prop Buyers: Scotty McCoy and Carl Miller
  • Music and Sound: Angela Raysa
  • Stunt Coordinator: Brett Harris
  • Movie Poster Artist: Carl Miller and Scotty McCoy
  • Production Illustrator: Ron Tsai
  • Accountant: St. Clair and Associates
  • Location Scouting: Carl Miller
  • Opening and Ending Credits: Carl Miller and Scotty McCoy

Film Sponsors

  • 1. Little Bean Apothecary
  • 2. Route 61 Hardware
  • 3. GINtech Systems
  • 4. Run Motivators
  • 5. Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary

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