Gravestone Gives Back

  • Gravestone Gives Back Poster The year 2020 has been hard for everyone, especially those in retail, bars, restaurants, and other small businesses, due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Gravestone Films would like to bring some positivity into this year, and end the year on a high note. That's why the executive team has come up with the idea to do "Gravestone Gives Back" so those in need of help during the holiday season can enjoy their Christmas instead of stressing during this season.

    Gravestone Gives Back will help those in need that have been affected by COVID-19, such as bartenders, servers, hairdresses, etc. and Gravestone Films will put together a small Christmas dinner package for at least one family. We need the communities help with pulling this off, as we'll be accepting donations for this dinner, as well as providing the amily with necessities to help them get through the winter season. These necessities can include, but are not limited to socks, coats, scarves, etc. We'll also accept new, unopened gifts for the selected family.

    The family will be notified by Gravestone Films if they have been selected to receive the dinner and any special wintery items. Families can enter to be considered by emailing the Gravestone Films executive team at

    You can donate by using the PayPal button below. The money will be immediately received by Gravestone Films and your contribution will make one family that is struggling during this holiday season happy! Thank you to everyone in advanced that donates to this cause. We couldn't have done this, nor any of our film projects, without your love and support.

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