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Justin Freed had a mental breakdown on Halloween, which started during the festival of Samhain.  He was committed to the Skook Asylum to which he has escaped on the nights leading up to Halloween to come after his daughter he lost years ago, Sami.  Sami’s mom, Kathryn, is back in town to help put a stop to Justin’s antics by getting insight about Justin’s past while locked up in the Skook Asylum.  Justin encounters four video game nerds, who go on a mission to protect their “princess” and be real life video game heroes.  Justin obtains an alter ego of sorts to which he uses the mannerisms of an evil, yet comedic clown in this horror-comedy to kill anyone and everyone that gets in his way from reuniting himself with his estranged wife and daughter.


Amanda Sawayer as Sami Freed

Scotty McCoy as Jordan Hathaway

Tyler Ebert as Benjy Turner

Scott Yagielniskie as Jason Reese

Shane Opolsky as Paul Howard

Sara Cartwright as Regina Hathaway

Brenda Sachleben as Kathryn Freed

Brett Harris as Justin Freed/RelliK

Richard Fessler as Sheriff Chris Long

Kanyon Fessler as Jamie

John Daubert as Cameron

Kelly Gradwell as Cassie

Carl Miller as Will

Sam Bredland as Creepy Kid

Lily Hale as Scary Girl

Madisyn Klemow as Playing Girl

Gage Harris as Jogger

Angel Gomez as Lainie Daniels

David Yost as Kyle

David Furman as Officer Ramirez

Jacob Sachleben as News Reporter

Anthony Blackwell as Radio Newscaster


Director                Gabriele Rolland

Executive Prod.    Scotty McCoy

                              Amanda Sawayer

                              Shane Opolsky

Producer               Scott Yagielniskie

Production Asst.   Carl Miller

SFX Artist              Gabriele Rolland

Hair and Makeup  Ashley Speidel

                               Jillian Barnes

Screenwriter          Scotty McCoy

Stunts                     Brett Harris

Choreography        Sara Cartwright

Lighting Tech.        David Furman

Camera Operator  Abby Young

Mic Operator         Krystle Kupusnick

Editors                   Shane Bainbridge

                               Taylor Sappe

Photographer         David Furman

Script Editor          Marcus Moutra

Prod. Illustrator    Ron Tsai

Music Composer   Taylor Sappe

Musician                Ina

Film Information

Release Date      October 2020

How to Watch    Amazon Prime Video

                           Theaters (Oct. 2020)






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